Brian Diffracted

We loved science fiction when we were kids. I loved the science more. He loved the fiction. He had these two imaginary worlds he was always dreaming about. The science fiction world was called "Laminar" and the fantasy one was "Old Gnarly."


This world was the hard one for Brian, especially later on. It isn’t easy to make a living in comic books. He broke up with a girlfriend, he made some bad decisions. He crashed on people’s couches, forgot to pay for his phone. I was too busy to pay much attention - too pissed off at what he was putting our parents through to be very sympathetic.

It’s now been more than two years since I’ve heard from my brother. Does he just not want to talk to the family any more? Is he living on the streets, or in a cult, in a hospital or in a prison? Is he alive?


He always said he didn’t fit in here - that this wasn’t the world he was supposed to be in. Maybe he found his way to that other place, where he felt like belonged. If that’s true, I would try to be happy for him but honestly I just want to see him again.

Wherever you are Brian, send me a sign? I’m sorry, and I’m listening.

UPDATE:  I've learned some things. The sketches Brian made - the worlds of Laminar and Old Gnarly - come from a publisher named Stupefying Yarns from way back in the early days of comics.


I just met a group of fans of Stupefying Yarns called The Yarnies. What they tell me is that someone's erasing every trace of Stupefying Yarns and those comics. You can't find them any more; you can barely find any mention of Stupefying Yarns at all.

I don't know where Brian is, He loved those comics. They disappeared, now Brian has. The Yarnies think it's related. I don't know what that would mean. I'm not inclined to conspiracy theories but there's a lot going on here I don't understand. 

Does anyone? If you do please contact us. We're at