Brian Diffracted

In or around 1665, Isaac Newton passed white light through a prism, throwing colors onto a wall. He had a friend mark the boundaries between the colors, he said, and then named them.

Both the conventions of the time and science since would say there were five colors - red, yellow, green, blue, and violet. But Newton thought there ought to be the same number of colors as there were notes in a scale - so he broke out two more, orange and indigo. They were supposed to correspond to the half-steps in the octatonic scale.

The fact is, Science can’t tell where Blue stops and Indigo begins. Indigo is supposed to be a different country, but you can’t distinguish it from here.  When I pointed this out to Brian, he pulled out a colored pencil marked Indigo and said, “Maybe you can’t find it, but I can.”

Brian, if you ever read this - you were right. 

I can see indigo now. 

I can see orange.